Landlord Services


Web Portal and Mobile Access

Give all property owners web based tools to communicate with your property management business efficiently and professionally.

Eviction Processing

Professionally manage eviction proceedings to remove tenants from properties for violating the terms of the lease agreement.

Move-In and Move-Out Inspection

Prepare properties so they are move-in ready and inspect properties when tenants move out.

Routine Property Inspections

Deliver peace of mind to property owners by frequently inspecting the properties you have under management.

Rent Collection and Accounting

Collect all rents due on a monthly basis and process rent payments. Provide comprehensive receivable and payable services to the property owners and account for all property expenditures.

Tenant Screening

Insure that the tenants you enter into leases with on behalf of property owners are qualified to meet rent and property maintenance obligations.

Work Order Management

Manage incoming tenant service requests. Work with local vendors and suppliers to complete repairs and obtain approvals from property owners for repairs.


Insure that all properties are in compliance with regulations, codes and laws at the federal, state and local level.

Lease Negotiation and Signing

Work out lease details, explain lease obligations to tenants and coordinate the signing of lease agreements.

Market Your Vacant Properties

With our national web partners you will provide comprehensive property marketing services to lease properties under management.


Tenant Accounting

Maintain the tenant ledger and give tenant access to accounting information regarding their account with your property management business.

Tenant Problem Resolution

Be the first point of contact to oversee and manage day to day tenant issues.

Web Based Tenant Portal

Give tenant access to your property management office through their own tenant portal.

Common Area Maintenance

Coordinate maintenance for the common areas of a property and bill the tenants their pro-rata share of common area maintenance cost. Manage budgets.

Rent Processing

Provide convenient options for the tenant to pay their rent. Process and account for tenant payments.

Service Request Management

Respond promptly to property needs as communicated by the tenant and coordinate all property repairs.